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Tilt-Top-Tree Tables

Sculptural table series inspired by the "Chippendale Pie Crust" tilt top table

Original "Chippendale Pie Crust" tilt top table with sketch for Spruce tree below

"Winter Spruce"

Polychrome Wood & Wenge


"Autumn Oak"

Polychrome & Dyed Wood


"Apple Trees"

Polychrome Wood & Wenge



Guilded / Polychrome Wood & Wenge



Polychrome Wood & Rubber Tips


"Topiary" Series (Detail)

Polychrome Wood & Bricklayed Zebrawood



Polychrome Guilded Wood with Polyester Inlay


"Birch" study

Pencil & Photoshop

Artist and his family surf in Hawaii on a polychrome wave
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