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Artist Statement


I have been an object maker since I can remember. I love working with my hands.   Furniture has been my primary artistic focus, yet the necessities of staying alive as a woodworker have required me to explore many other artistic directions.


To have a bright idea, refine it and then bring it to life - is a simple pleasure that continues to give me joy each day I choose to participate in the making.


My ideas come from books, places I've been, buildings I've seen, conversations I've had, and my young twins Koa & Yuki.   Buildings, trees and people inspire my work.   My best ideas often come to me serendipitously.but usually from things that are right under my nose.


My work is often made of many materials:   metal, glass, stone, or plastic - but wood is always at the core. No matter what material I choose to use, there is usually a bit of irony in the way I put things together. If I build it right, each piece invokes a smile and then you might take the time to notice the care that went into the creation.


I have grown to enjoy the making of the work very much.   I believe that joy is revealed in the things I make.


I specialize in designing and building site-specific works for individuals and institutions.



Artist cutting wood with BIG saw
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