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  PortChair.75 I-Hepplewhite
Mahogany, Aluminum & Tennis Racquet String
  New Duncan

Mahogany, Aluminum & Tennis Racquet String

Inspired by Federal Period Duncan Phyfe chair - updated with modern materials and more generous proportions

  Hi - Tech Shaker Rocker

Plantation Grown Teak, Aluminum, Hardware & Webbing

Shaker inspired - Rocker without arms is a contemporary adaptation of a historic Shaker rocker with arms


  Hi - Tech Shaker Chair

Purpleheart, Anodized Aluminum,

Delrin, Tennis Racquet String & Hardware

  Cherry Side Chair
Cherry & Upholstery
  "Rake Back" Lawn Chair

White Oak, Bamboo Rake & Grass

18" x 20" x 37"

Anonmyous Shaker lady with virtual Hi- Tech Shaker  Rocker with arms
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