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Tool Furniture
Sculptural furniture from the tools that helped to create it
  "Boxwood Rule Cabinet

Stack laminated maple with brass plate details & hardware

Carved wood, sandblasted metal

  "Crosscut" Saw
Laminated maple, walnut handle with inlayed bronze brand logo
  "Musicians Jack" Stool

Stack laminated cherry

Threaded, turned & carved

  "Rake Back" Lawn Chair
White oak, "store bought" bamboo rake & growing grass seat
  "Acorn Nut" Bowl

Stack laminated dantawood

Hex pattern lamination

Lathe turned

  "Knurled Nut" Bowl

Stack laminated Teak

Hex pattern lamination

Carved & lathe turned

  "Angle Ends" Tables

Stack laminated birch plywood & birch

Adjustable table height via mechanical dovetail

  "Eclipse" Floor Lamp

Stack laminated cherry,glass, brass & electrical

Threaded, turned & carved

  Artist's work in "Tools as Art" - Hechinger Collection
"Crosscut" Saw & "Rake Back" Lawn Chair

"On the Level" Construction Co.

Rick McAulay

John Ritzo

Michael Aubin

& Artist Lee Schuette

Four old tools

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